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Hello, I'm Mike and welcome to my counselling and psychotherapy website.
If I define counselling and psychotherapy and also tell you that we sit more or less face to face in our sessions that might help to clarify the process. The definition then "counselling and psychotherapy is a term that covers a range of talking therapies. We are trained practitioners to work with people to help them bring about change and to improve their well being."
This quote from Jung, he worked with Freud way back, may be a way of looking at one of the objectives of counselling and psychotherapy;
'I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.' Carl Gustav Jung. Jung worked with Sigmund Freud. Counselling offers you a place where you can talk through difficulties and begin to make changes, I believe that's what Jung meant by this quote.

What counselling and psychotherapy offer you then is the opportunity to clarify your thoughts, situation , feelings and most importantly be listened to and not be judged. I work with couples as well as individuals to help them find a way through their relationship.

Meeting a counsellor for the first time and sharing your experiences needs to be treated with care and respect. We all, at times, suffer invalidation from parents, partners, friends and colleagues. You will receive validation in my counselling room and the respect you deserve.

What might be useful for you? Do you suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Sadness, Emptiness, Relationship Issues irrespective of your orientation?

Feeling low ; Feeling depressed ; Feeling sad ; Feeling empty ; Feeling anxious ; Feeling confused ; Just some of the feelings that making an appointment and talking them through may be a great help:

Just call, send me a text or send an Email, I will respond to you promptly.

I work with people suffering from depression, anxiety, obsessional problems, perfectionism, relationship issues including LGBT aspects, post abortion depression, self esteem and confidence issues.

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